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What To Expect During Your Retreat Experience!

October is coming up FAST!  So why should you come on a retreat with me and my crew?  Well… allow me to paint you a picture. You will be picked

Come Away With Us… Exciting Updates on Bali Retreats!

I can't even tell you how amazing the experience in Bali is going to be for us ALL!  What I CAN tell you is that you are getting an absolute bargain!

Healthy Recipes This Week

Peace of Eden Holistic Health: The Caring Naturopath

As a Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist and Bioresonance Therapist, I believe it is essential for my clients to receive a level of health care that they may have not yet experienced.

When you first visit a Naturopath all sorts of questions are asked that you may consider odd.  Go with it, we need to ask these questions as we believe in treating the body as a whole not just giving a bandaid fix to the symptom which may be what you’ve been used to up until this point.

Treating the cause of the issue is my primary concern at Peace of Eden Holistic Health.  Sure I can have you feeling better very quickly symptomatically, but if the underlying health issue driving the symptoms isn’t addressed, then as soon as the treatment is removed the symptoms will quickly return.  Since I’m not into bandaid fixes, you will never be treated this way by me.

Education is the only real way we can make change in our lives and when we know better, we do better!  I believe it is so important to educate my clients on the driving factors behind their health concerns so we may address these problems together.  This ensures my clients are delivered the results they have been seeking, often for years.

Education Courses

This year I am bringing you a very exciting opportunity to nurture and nourish yourself and develop your health goals with the assistance of specialist, qualified practitioners in the most beautiful place on earth.  Bringing you the ultimate in a body transformation retreat experience.

I know that there are so many of you beautiful people out there who have tried every diet and exercise program under the sun to help you to ‘lose weight’ or help you to achieve your health goals when you have been suffering for so long.  Counting calories and following diets that have been prescribed to you isn’t working and you don’t understand why?!  I know EXACTLY ...
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