Bali Retreats

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Bali Retreats

This year I am bringing you a very exciting opportunity to nurture and nourish yourself and develop your health goals with the assistance of specialist, qualified practitioners in the most beautiful place on earth.  Bringing you the ultimate in a body transformation retreat experience.

I know that there are so many of you beautiful people out there who have tried every diet and exercise program under the sun to help you to ‘lose weight’ or help you to achieve your health goals when you have been suffering for so long.  Counting calories and following diets that have been prescribed to you isn’t working and you don’t understand why?!  I know EXACTLY how you feel.  I have walked in your shoes.  The ONLY reason that I have achieved what I have is because I have been provided a wonderful education by incredible teachers who have shown me the way to loving myself, believing I am worthy of the body of my dreams and having a nutrition plan fully tailored to my body’s needs.  This help is what is going to be provided to you.  You will have Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists and Yoga instructors available to you for the duration of your stay.  These amazing souls are going to be there to serve you in your journey to success in achieving your ultimate body, mind and spirit.

You will fly back home feeling elated at the beauty that is you! Invigorated by the unique experience you will have and the support you will receive for the duration of your stay from our expert staff who are there to nurture you and guide you on your journey to better health, a soothed spirit and an invigorated soul.

Bali is known as the Island of the Gods and for good reason. Amed is a peaceful coastal town on the east coast of Bali roughly 3.5 hours drive from the Denpasar airport.  Amed a very special paradise on earth, surrounded by coral reef in the Indian Ocean.  It is a idyllic location to facilitate transformation of the body, mind and soul.

As a body transformation and gut health specialist I am in a unique position to share my own story and journey and enable others to learn as I have learned how to best nourish their bodies in order for you to accomplish your health goals as fast as possible.  I will also be teaching you all about how the body works and what actually happens to the food once it’s in the body, as well as how our bodies are affected by stress and how by simply managing the stress in our lives we can succeed in transforming ourselves with relative ease.  I know how it feels to want the simple things in life.  Buying clothes of the wrack, being able to fit into a ‘standard’ seat, being treated with respect instead of feeling as though you are a burden.  I know how heavy you feel in your heart as well as your body when you don’t receive the validation you so desperately crave from your loved ones.  Believe me when I say, we can change ALL of that.



I have aligned with Ellene Lampros of KISS Naturopathy to bring you a wonderful solution to body transformation for those struggling with their health and achieving their goals.  Ellene is a Naturopath specialising in energetic healing.  She will be assisting you reach your goals by helping to shift blockages within your energetic field, aligning your chakras and working with flower essences to bring about the amazing changes required within us to really make our goals a reality.  Often we are ‘stuck’ and Ellene will be there to work with you through what is causing your current reality and shift you into a space of acceptance and healing.  Ellene is an integral part of your success at our Bali retreats as developing your love of your self will enable you to truly shift weight, body fat, baggage and anything else trapped within your body, mind and spirit, holding you back from achieving your health goals.  All of this will become a thing of the past after your nurturing experience at Nalini Resort.


Our location, the picturesque Nalini Resort is nestled in a wonderful seaside location owned by the most beautiful Balinese family that you will have the pleasure of meeting during your stay.  Our incredible owners and staff will ensure that your experience is one you will never forget.  You will be pampered and made to feel like the incredible, beautiful human being that you are during your stay here where you will be able to fully be who you are without judgement.  Why?  Because we understand.  We understand that just taking the step to be here with us is HUGE.  We get it.  We ALL get it.  It’s very scary taking a step towards changing your life for the better.  We have all been there, and we are here to make you feel comfortable, respected and valued.

For further information on the services that Ellene provides at KISS Naturopathy please refer to:

We have been very privileged to present to you a range of packages to suit your wellness (and financial 😉 needs.  We are able to accomodate any guest no matter what your health history or health goals may be!


All packages include:

*An EXCLUSIVE ALL ACCESS PASS to all facilities on Nalini Resort.  The resort has been fully booked for YOU, our guests to enjoy to your full capacity whilst you are under our expert care for the duration of your stay.

*Airport transfers to and from Denpasar airport to Amed.

*Accomodation in a choice of our Ocean View Suites, Pool View Deluxe Rooms, Mountain View Deluxe Rooms, or our select package which includes accommodation at Paradise Bungalows just a short trip away from Nalini Resort.

*All meals served to you will cater to your nutritional requirements and will meet the needs of your body transformation goals.  These meals will be developed by qualified Nutritionists and you will receive an abundance of education on the reasons the nutritional plan designed for you will nourish your body, mind and soul.

*All treatments provided by will be tailored to your individual needs by myself and other fully qualified Naturopaths, Nutritionists and healers.

*Meditation sessions will be provided daily.

*Yoga and training sessions will be provided daily by a specialist trainer who has been brought on board to best serve your individual needs and also to assist with any rehabilitation required with past injuries and health conditions.

*1 day trip is included in the cost to the beautiful, culture rich temple of Tirtagangga.  Your transport and meal on the day is completely included in the cost of your package.

*A self-care, fully tailored program will be designed for you by our qualified specialist staff for you to take home with you to continue your journey when you return home.

*Specialist packages and access to practitioners after the retreat for you to further your health education and succeed in achieving your health goals so you will not be alone once you leave the island and will receive the full support you require.

Packages starts at $3,900 up to $4,900 for this unique 10 day experience within Nalini Resort!

*Select packages are also available from $3900 and accommodation provided here is just a 5 minute leisurely drive from Nalini at the Paradise Bungalows.  Those who choose this option please be aware that all meals, treatment and tutorials will still be held at Nalini and you will be shuttled to location each morning before morning meditation and returned to sleep after dinner each evening.  The quality of your experience at Nalini’s health retreats will be identical to guests choosing to be accommodated at Nalini Retreat, it is simply where you rest your head each night that will differ in your experience.

$4,900 Package in Nalini’s Ocean Suites


Our Ocean Suites are located on the 1st floor above the restaurant at Nalini Resort.  These air-conditioned suites feature uninterrupted ocean views where you can watch a beautiful sunrise over the ocean and Lombok and Gili Islands in the morning from your private balcony.


The Ocean Suites feature magnificent indoor-outdoor bathrooms designed with both Western and Balinese influence.


Our suites include a king size bed, a mini bar stocked with water, juices and healthy snacks for you to enjoy should you wish to; tea and coffee making facilities, in-room safe, WiFi, large screen TV and DVD player as well as a huge selection of movies.


$4,400 Package in Nalini’s Pool View Deluxe Rooms


Our Pool View Deluxe Rooms are located in the lush grounds of Nalini behind our magnificent infinity pool which overlooks the beautiful Indian ocean.  These air conditioned rooms feature a king size bed, mini bar stocked with healthy snack options and stunning indoor-outdoor bathrooms.  These rooms have been designed to ensure your needs are met through the duration of your stay.  All rooms include a terrace to enjoy the stunning pool and ocean views.

Bali Pool View Retreat Kupu-Kupu

Our beautifully appointed inside-outside bathrooms are a feature you are sure to enjoy during your luxurious stay at Nalini Resort.  We are privileged to have engineered plumbing to ensure maximum comfort for every shower you have whilst you are being cared for at our unique resort.


$4,200 Package in Nalini’s Mountain View Deluxe Rooms

Nalini’s Mountain View Deluxe rooms are situated toward the back of Nalini’s grounds and feature magnificent views of the mountains behind us that Amed is built upon.  These air conditioned rooms feature a king size bed, mini bar stocked with healthy snack options and stunning indoor-outdoor bathrooms.


YOUR comfort is our first priority and with the assistance of our wonderful staff, your stay throughout the duration of this special, once-in-a-lifetime retreat will be one to remembered.

SELECT $3,900 Package at Paradise Bungalows


HURRY to BOOK with our select packages as there are only 4 rooms available to our special guests per retreat.

The six days you spend with us will be jam packed full of the very bliss you have been seeking.  Education, connection to onesself, one on one consultations with our expert transformation specialists, yoga, massage and meditation sessions are just a taste of what you will receive during your unique retreat experience.  Also included in your stay is a special day trip to the nearby temple Tirtagangga, an incredible water temple.  This day trip will be a special experience as you will receive so much from learning about Balinese culture-rich traditions and a taste of the beautiful sights that Bali has to offer.

All meals will be served according to your specialised dietary requirements and your ultimate body transformation goals.  All of which will be assessed prior to your arrival in Bali with a short 30 minute Skype consultation with myself or Ellene.  We both can bring to you the expertise that only fully qualified Naturopaths and Nutritionists can, having attained intricate and specialised knowledge of the human body.  This consultation will ensure that all of us providing you this unique experience have prior knowledge of your health needs even before you land on Indonesian soil.

I am on a mission to bring those who need it most a sensational journey in self discovery and transformation.  It it my fervent belief that the lessons I have learned over recent years have a place to serve others and it is my absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to align with other wonderful specialist practitioners in absolute paradise to support you in bringing your ultimate health dreams into reality.

Our exclusive retreats will be available to a maximum of 10 people per retreat.  We are keeping numbers to a minimum in order to deliver the ultimate personalised experience to deliver you the success you are seeking in your body transformation journey.  We understand that the relationships you build, particularly with yourself, during this time are so important and we wish to get to know each of you personally.

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